By David Whelan, Managing Director, Clarity Telecom

The increasing need for businesses to provide a flexible workspace for their employees means there is also the need for versatile internet coverage.

Traditionally, businesses stayed connected through a wired network, using cables upon cables to connect devices, such as laptops and desktop computers to the internet.

Nowadays, businesses are opting for a wireless network, allowing their employees to roam unchained to any restrictive wires or plug sockets.

This ability to stay connected whilst away from a router is probably the most important advantage of a wireless network, and with no cables involved, installation is generally quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Using a wireless network is a great way to boost employee productivity and collaboration. The ability to connect multiple devices through the same internet connection remotely, means documents, applications, and other resources can be accessed and shared almost instantaneously.

The benefits of having a wireless network can be felt no matter the sector or the size of the organisation. For the customer service industry, businesses want to be able to answer customer queries as quickly and effectively as possible and a wireless network can make this straightforward, as staff will not have to be at their desk to gain access to the information they need.

Businesses should also be aware that wireless networking may give them the opportunity to offer new products or services to their customers.

For example, today, the majority of cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports, and even train stations have ‘hot spot’ WiFi available, something which is of great value in a world where people desire to be connected to the internet at all times, no matter where they are.

Businesses that are quickly expanding, or those that regularly reconfigure their workspace, will greatly benefit from the flexibility provided by wireless networking. The office layout can be rearranged without disrupting any cables, and new employees can be added to the network within seconds.

Setting up a wireless network is not an expensive process, and with multiple options, there are suitable solutions even for smaller businesses with restricted budgets.

That said, wired networks can provide businesses with assurances when it comes to reliability, security, speed and even stability. The idea of a wired network should therefore not be immediately dismissed.

Should you be unsure which option is best for your organisation, Clarity Telecom’s experienced team of engineers can complete a site visit and network audit to make an honest recommendation suited to the needs of your business.