Leading electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure provider Weev has partnered with Road Safe NI Charity to drive a comprehensive EV education programme in Northern Ireland.

Launched during Road Safety Week, the initiative aims to transform EV education and safety awareness, particularly among primary school students in the region, and will see the development and distribution of a ‘Road Safe NI’ booklet to 12,000 children across Northern Ireland.

The need and urgency of this programme is underscored by the recent surge in fatalities as a result of road traffic collisions, with 58 deaths recorded on Northern Ireland roads year-to-date, representing an alarming 29 per cent increase over the figures from 2022.

Pedestrians account for nearly 25 per cent of these tragic incidents, emphasising the critical need for enhanced road safety education, especially among the younger demographic.

Speaking of the partnership, Chris Hanna of Weev said:

“With the volume of electric vehicles on our roads increasing, Weev is delighted to partner with Road Safe NI Charity to drive EV safety awareness.

“Current literature, particularly amongst the younger generation, focuses on the stop, look and listen elements. However, with electric cars being significantly quieter than traditional vehicles, this outdated concept poses risks.

“Together with Road Safe NI Charity, we have developed an all-encompassing guide to bring road safety education into the 21st century.

“The investment in this educational initiative, in addition to the investment we’re making to build an all-island, fit-for-purpose EV charging network, further showcases Weev’s commitment to delivering a positive impact in the communities which it operates.”

In addition to the booklet, Weev and Road Safe NI Charity plan to establish an educational workshop, offered free of charge to all primary schools across Northern Ireland, throughout 2024.

This long-term partnership is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland, symbolising Weev’s responsible ethos, regional investment, and the pivotal role private companies can play in educating the next generation.

Davy Jackson, Chairman at Road Safe NI Charity added:

“We are delighted to have Weev on board as a long-term partner of Road Safe NI Charity and continue to develop our offering to schools across the country.

“Given government budget constraints, it is vital that private companies like Weev invest in our educational programmes, enabling us to provide the latest guidance and learning materials necessary to keep people safe on our roads.

“We look forward to working with Weev and are excited to see the undoubted benefits our partnership will deliver in the months ahead.”

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