Alastair Luke, Multimedia Content Producer, Lighthouse Communications

When we look at the many ways of telling your brand story, one of the most effective ways of getting across the truth of your business to your audience is through video.

Video provides your audience with both visual and audible content that together have the ability – more than any other form of content to elicit an emotional response from the viewer, and that is what ensures your audience connects with your business on a meaningful level.

In 2020 video content is accounting for roughly 80% of internet traffic.  This is being driven by, not only people clamouring for the latest must-see Netflix series, but by people who are consuming video content quickly and easily on social media throughout the day.

Each of us has the ability to create impactful video within minutes on our smartphones, however it is when video content is hand-crafted to support the narrative of your business, tailored to the emotional needs of your audience, and placed on the most effective channel for consumption that the impact is magnified.

Video gives your team a voice to speak directly to your clients or customers.  You’ve heard the phrase “people buy from people” and this rings true in the video age of social media. 

It is the personality of your team and your brand that shines and connects with your audience, and forms those personal and individual relationships that drive your business forward.

Video has become invaluable in terms of its popularity on social media and its ability to connect with audiences in recent years, and now even more so as our opportunities to meet face to face have been limited.  As we emerge from the pandemic, social audiences will remain much more receptive to video content, online meetings, virtual conferences and live streaming.

This is your opportunity to take your video production to a new level, invest in the virtual relationships you’ve made during this time and really drive your brand into the future through engaging content that serves your audience value on the platforms they demand.