(Image - March 2020)

The Northern Ireland Business Alliance comprises of the Confederation of British Industry, the Centre for Competitiveness, Institute of Directors,  and the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In a joint statement the leaders said:

“We are deeply saddened to witness the violence over recent days and utterly condemn the incidents that have taken place across Northern Ireland.

“The reputational damage to the Northern Ireland economy and wider society is immense.

“Given the pandemic, the last 12 months have been the worst faced for the business community in living memory and this violence is causing further unnecessary disruption.

“Now is the time for our community and political leaders, at a local and national level, to work together to end this unrest without delay.

“We all have a responsibility to demonstrate that violence achieves nothing, and must seek to ensure that all voices will be heard and opinions respected as a resolution is sought.

“The business community is ready and willing to play its part in finding a resolution and will meet with key stakeholders to provide our full support in the coming weeks.”