Lighthouse Communications has joined the responsible business network, Business in the Community (BITC).


Alyson English, Director at Lighthouse Communications, said:

“All members of the team at Lighthouse Communications are genuinely committed to achieving the strategic objectives within our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

“In recent years it has become clear that sustained company efforts to display greater leadership in the field of responsible business has never been more important. As a result, joining BITC was an obvious choice.

“We believe that good ethics go hand in hand with good business – Lighthouse Communications is excited to be joining BITC in order to create a positive impact on society whilst also creating shared value for our team, shareholders and stakeholders.

“Our membership of BITC will undoubtedly provide us with valuable opportunities to achieve our objectives, as we become part of a diverse network of organisations working towards responsible business within the wider NI business community. “


Kieran Harding, Managing Director, Business in the Community NI said:

“We are delighted to welcome Lighthouse Communications into membership. Our members recognise the huge benefits that come from managing their businesses in a responsible and sustainable way and we look forward to working with Lighthouse to support it on its journey.

“By working through a structured action plan which supports the company’s overall business plan, we aim to provide support and inspire the company to address three campaigning areas – their People, the Planet, and the Place in which it operates. By working together to tackle social and environmental issues, businesses like Lighthouse Communications truly become a force for good in society.”


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