By David Whelan, Managing Director, Clarity Telecom

How often have you heard someone in business say ‘I use my mobile for everything’ and then ask whether or not they really need a telephone system at all?

It’s certainly one of the most common points of discussion when I meet with perspective clients, particularly those operating at a micro or small business level.

And in an era of the smart phone and what appears to an infinite number of applications, it is of course a fair question.

There are a number of important considerations to be made before arriving at an answer, however.

For instance, do you and those in your business make many outbound calls, and do you often share calls with more than one person?

Further, do you have a requirement to maintain a record of the calls you make, or are made to you, and do your sales depend on a single number?

If the answer to all these questions is no, then a number management system could be considered.

Such a system, which is particularly suited to smaller businesses, enables a telephone number or set of phone numbers to be hosted in the cloud to be routed to any set of phone numbers or other IP devices.

What does this mean for businesses? First of all, it may take a shift in thinking about what the function of the telephone number is.

A telephone number could be considered a digital address for the business – similar to an email or website address.

Then how do you want calls to that number – and your business – to be managed?

Take the example of a plumber operating from their van with just a mobile phone. He or she can only take calls when they are physically present with the phone, but what happens when they miss a call, or receive voice mails or perhaps emails that go to a separate device?

Using a number management system would provide various options, such as allowing unanswered calls to seamlessly cascade to alternative numbers, a business partner, or through to voice mail.

Outbound calls can now also be made from a variety of numbers and geographical locations effectively at the touch of a button – particularly useful for businesses that wish to give international calls the appearance of being made locally.

With a vast array of possible applications, the effective use of a number management system can ensure that your business improves operational efficiency while significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

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