George Best Belfast City Airport is the first airport to become JAM Card friendly.

JAM Cards (Just a Minute) are designed to discreetly notify staff that holders may require additional time in a simple and non-verbal way. While originally intended for those with learning disabilities, the JAM Cards can now be used by anyone experiencing a barrier to communication.

Judith Davis, Airport Operations Manager at Belfast City Airport commented:

“With over 10,000 people currently using the JAM Cards, it was essential we trained our staff to recognise the implications of travelling with a disability or difficulty and how to best assist.

“We are delighted to be the first airport to implement the JAM Cards as it is important that our passengers, regardless of ability, feel welcome and comfortable when flying with us.

“Our staff have been trained to identify both the card and the app, helping us provide the best quality of service intended to meet the needs of each individual passenger.

“As a leading business, we aim to enrich the local community and consider the comfort of our passengers and convenience of our service a top priority for all those who travel through Belfast City Airport.”

Diane Hill, Director of Business Development at NOW Group, the organisation behind the JAM Card said:

“We are very pleased to have support from Belfast City Airport, who welcome over 2.5 million passengers a year.

“For those travelling with disabilities and their families, the JAM Cards are a welcome provision to improving their experience and making flying as stress-free as possible. Additional support like this can make the world of difference to those who would otherwise find the trip overwhelming.”

The JAM Card is free to register for and is often used by people with Asperger’s, autism or those with brain and learning difficulties. After introducing Hidden Disability Lanyards earlier this year, Belfast City Airport is keen to make the airport accessible to all.

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