Leading IT and telecommunications provider, b4b Group, is making great strides to create lasting change to individuals in need by partnering with Hope 4 Life NI as its new Charity Partner.

The charity delivers invaluable programmes to support the mental wellbeing of individuals across Northern Ireland and are developing to extend into the UK and Ireland, going a long way towards positively impacting and enhancing the lives of the people it works with.

David Armstrong, CEO of b4b Group, said:

”We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Hope 4 Life NI as we aim to generate vital funds and awareness around the crucial work it does for individuals across Northern Ireland.

“With £720 million lost annually due to workplace absenteeism for poor mental health, now has never been a better time to support the incredible work that Hope 4 Life NI provides.

“By working alongside a wide range of sectors with businesses that are increasingly prioritising employee mental health, we are also recognising the importance of investing in the wellbeing of our employees and the wider community.

“We are looking forward to working with Hope 4 Life NI in the coming weeks and months.”

Hope 4 Life NI offers a range of services, including its flagship programme, Uberheroes®, which plays a vital role in prevention and early intervention of the mental health of young people and children.

Other programmes from Hope 4 Life NI include adult training, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Mental Health First Aid and 11 bespoke mental health and wellbeing training programmes.

Dee Nixon, Chief Executive of Hope 4 Life NI, said:

“We are very grateful to b4b Group for supporting Hope 4 Life NI and their commitment to raising important awareness and funds for the charity.

“At Hope 4 Life NI we pride ourselves on striving towards a future where everyone has a right to good mental health, working closely with those who are vulnerable in supporting them through our resilience and wellbeing services.

“With more than 20% of young people suffering from significant mental health problems by their 18th birthday we rely on organisations like b4b Group to enable Hope 4 Life NI to continue to provide necessary and crucial support.”